Destiny is a girl from another lifetime! Her soul must’ve carried people through the forests of the Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman, and at another time, she must’ve been jiving and twisting at the Apollo in the Summertime with Dorothy Dandridge...slapping the mess out of anyone who “accidentally” touched her butt.

Some say that she’s bold and sassy; Some say she’s an empathetic, old-soul. She’s the kind of girl who will cry in her car to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” but will shoot daggers through you with her eyes if you even THINK about touching her hair...unless, you’re one of the ever-so-kind and lovely women of Manila who thought she was Beyoncé, of course, are more than welcome to.

She continues to run through time in her acting career, whether she’s a sassy, hot-pants, supporting interracial relationships in Memphis the Musical, or a brave and determined, young slave who’d die to be free in the contemporary, Georgia Borders. When she’s not living, writing, and dreaming about other people’s lives, She LOVES to travel and embrace the big cities. She has enjoyed drinking wine across from the Colosseum; you don’t have to ask her twice about grubbing on soul food in ATL; She will drive 4 hours just to sink her toes into the sands of Venice Beach; She has spontaneously jumped onto a plane, just to sing “The Schuyler Sisters” in Time Square with her bestie, and she NEVER gets tired of the Bellagio Fountain Show in Las Vegas. The next spot on her bucket-list, is the Big Easy!

She is currently prepping for her first lead role as a powerful, determined scientist in the new play, Sentience while also, working on a few indie films.

If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, she is there. If you ever want to drown away in Motown and Ella Fitzgerald, just say her name. If you ever want to lay in the grass, with your heart in the stars, and talk about life, she will engage with you for hours!

You may not be able to touch her hair, but she’s not afraid to let you get to know her soul.