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Destiny Faith is an actor, singer, writer, and director from Las Vegas, NV, and a proud member of the Multi-Hyphenate Generation!

Destiny's professional work includes stage, film, and new media. Originally from our nation's capital city, shefound an emphatic interest for the arts at a young age. As a child, she would write, direct, choreograph, and perform mini musicals with her siblings to perform before her family. Destiny's mother responded to Destiny's craving for the performing arts by enrolling her in the Joyce Laverne School of Dance (singer Maya's Alma Mater) where she started her study of ballet, tap, and jazz.

At the age of 9, her family moved to California and along with her continuation of dance classes, her mother enrolled Destiny into acting classes. Destiny eventually signed with her first talent agent right away, making appearances in a few TV series. As a pre-teen, her family moved to Las Vegas, NV. It is in Las Vegas where Destiny really began to hone in on the craft of acting while she studied theatre at the Las Vegas Academy of the Performing Arts.

After graduating, Destiny earned roles in regional theatre productions of "Hairspray", "Memphis: The Musical", and "Little Shop of Horrors".

Most recently, Destiny has completed post-production of her self-written/self-directed short film, "The Trap" and is preparing for the launch of a web-series she co-created, co-directs, and co-produces, "Plan B".

Destiny is very dedicated to her craft and has a passion for the arts, always looking for opportunities to grow in it. In an age where technology is ever-growing so wonderfully but people are becoming more and more disconnected, Destiny believes that the performing arts preserves our humanity.

“Art is the language of the soul,” she says, “and through film-making, theatre, and music, we can still reach people's souls.”

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